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Mon Oct 1 13:47:54 EST 2007

On Oct 1, 3:47 am, Astala Vista <rw... from NOSPAMle.ac.uk> wrote:
> Sawsan Hamad wrote:
> > Hello,
> > What do you recommend for a free plasmid drawing program?
> I use Savvy (http://bioinformatics.org/savvy/). Some might find it a bit
> limited in what it does, but its real strength is that it produces its
> ouput in SVG format which is fully scaleable.
> I do the basic drawing of the plasmid in Savvy. The program renders the
> drawing in SVG which displays directly in my browser (Firefox). I then
> display the source code of the page and copy and paste that into a file
> that I then save.
> This SVG code is fully editable in the open-source drwaing package
> Inkscape (http://www.inkscape.org/). You can alter the drawing,
> especially the annotation, in Inkscape.
> I have an attached an example of a plasmid drawn in this way and saved
> as a PNG bitmap by Inkscape. I've also attached the edited SVG
> native-format file too. It's a no-cost solution, but perhaps a bit too
> geeky for some.
> Enjoy.
> Raymond Dalgleish

I did not know that people still use Savvy. Actually, there are
several enhancements to the software that are rotting in my CVS. If I
would have known that you guys still use it, I would have been pressed
more to develop it further. Astala Vista summed up the the advantages
of it. In fact if you use Windows you can fully edit Savvy generated
map in Adobe Illustrator. The thing that's missing is to generated
linear map (where is those rotting code). And a way to manually drag
the enzyme labels for crowded map.

Currently, I am too busy to search for a new position. If I find time
I'll submit these code. Thanks for using the Savvy.


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