[Bio-software] Utility to convert a Gene Ontology (GO) flat file to hierarchical structure?

abc123 from nc.rr.com via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by abc123 from nc.rr.com)
Thu Mar 1 10:57:29 EST 2007

Hello:  Is there a tool available (such as an Excel "lookup" table/
speadsheet), that can sort a list of data in an Excel sheet containing
GO category ID numbers into a hierarchical table?

That is, I wish to take an Excel  "flat file", like

GO:30435 sporulation (111) ...
GO:07275 development (385) ...
GO:30154 cell differentiation (113) ...
GO:08150 biological process (4346) ...

and sort it (more-or-less) hierarchically, like:

GO:08150 biological process (4346) ...
  GO:07275 development (385) ...
   | GO:30154 cell differentiation (113) ...
   |  | GO:30435 sporulation (111) ...

I have been trying to do this by hand, using AmiGO as a guide, but it
takes too long (hundreds of GO IS's to sort!)!

Thank you, appreciated!  Greg  :-)

P.S. I disabled the email address shown to avoid spammers; please
reply here on this forum, or to stuart***at***niehs.nih.gov, replacing
***at*** with @.  Thank you!  :-)

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