[Bio-software] Re: Pairwise alignements versus multiple alignement for distance matrix

Andreas Wilm via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by andreas.wilm from ucd.ie)
Thu Mar 1 06:18:46 EST 2007

>> This is because there are no real good multiple alignment sequences that can
>> tackle more than a few dozen sequences at once without an explosion of time
>> and memory requirements. (Stoye et al have some nice publications on this).
> Actually there are some decent multiple sequence alignment algorithms
> that don't explode.  MUSCLE does fairly well up to a few thousand
> sequences and HMM-based methods (though not quite as good at multiple
> sequence alignments) are linear in the number of sequences and do
> fairly well up to tens of thousands of sequences.

Supposedly, the new version of MAFFT is able to handle more than 50000
sequences, by employing PartTree, a very fast method to construct a
guide tree.



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