[Bio-software] problems with blast nr database

Javier Terol via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by jterol from ivia.es)
Wed Jul 25 03:30:55 EST 2007

   I have been using blastall on my linux server very happyly till I
   downloaded the last version of the nr database, which was splitted
   into 2 packages nr.00 and nr.01. When I run my blastx searches against
   this database the BLAST interrupted and I got a "segementation
   violation" error message.
   I have been cheking with other databases like the refseq and
   everything worked fine. I also checked that this problem only happens
   with the nr.01 database. I can run BLASTX using -d nr.00, with about
   2000 sequences in a fasta file as a query, without problems. When I
   try -d nr or -d nr.01 with the same fasta file, the BLAST interrupts
   and I get the segementation violation error message.
   I thought that the nr.01.tar.gz was corrupted during the download, but
   I have downloaded this file at least 4 times during the last month, so
   if the file was corrupted during the download it happened everytime
   and did not happen with the other databases I downloead at the sanme
   Can anyone help me?
   Thank you very much in advance

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