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Wed Jan 10 17:32:03 EST 2007

On 2007-01-10, Kamil <kamil At kamildaniel.com> wrote:
> Hello. I'm working on subject: using SED and AWK to work on PDB
> files...I've already prepared some examples..but I still need some
> more. 
> Do you have any examples (real commands that you usually use in your
> work) that would be proper for my subject.  I'm sure that people on
> this group are using this software... 

This sounds like a homework exercise.

It is generally considered to be a bad idea to ask other to do your
homework for you---that's the sort of parctice that gets one kicked
out of reputable universities.

If you have a specific task to do, think sed and awk are the right
tool for the task, and want advice on how to accomplish that, asking
for advice here could be productive.

If you are a teacher planning a lesson on using SED and AWK, then you
may want to rethink the lesson.  Although SED and AWK are powerful
tools, they are also quite old-fashioned and awkward to use.  Perhaps
a more modern, more general tool (such as PERL or PYTHON) would be
more appropriate to teach.

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