[Bio-software] new software and databases

Chris Upton cupton at uvic.ca
Wed Sep 27 14:30:54 EST 2006

Over the last few years we've been developing a variety of tools and  
databases for analyzing viral genomes.
Many of the tools also work for bacterial genomes.
Although there is significant integration between our databases of  
genomes and the tools, most can be used independently.
Pretty much everything is java based and therefore platform independent.

VOCs		- database system
JDotter  		- interface to Dotter
BBB			- Multiple sequence editor + lots more
GATU		- genome annotator (uses a reference genome to transfer  
annotations to new genome, writes GenBank files)
VGO			- genome viewer + analysis
ReHAB		- management of BLAST search results
JIPS			- management of Interpro searches
+ lots more

Also check out the new blog....   http://www.biodirectory.com/ 

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