[Bio-software] Re: about Vector nti

Malcolm Cook mec at stowers-institute.org
Wed Sep 27 14:02:48 EST 2006

It works perfectly fine in my hands.

But I am running version 10.3.

I recommend you upgrade.

It is free (to non-profits and academics).

There were some changes in interfacing to NCBI's blast servers to accomdate incompatible changes on NCBIs side.  I think that was
around version 9.1.

Good luck.

<floatfear at gmail.com> wrote in message news:mailman.1192.1159326727.20007.bio-soft at net.bio.net...
> In the progress of using Vector.NTI.Advance.v9.1s "BLAST Search"
> function, I can summit a protein sequence in "tblastn" mode, but it can
> not come back any result. In "blastn" or "blastp" mode, it works well.
> I try to use the same parameter on the NCBI blast online, it can give
> me lots of results.
> who can help me will this question? and I want to know if it can work
> on other blast server, and how to do if it can.

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