[Bio-software] Re: vector NTi

przemko przemko at med.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon May 8 06:38:58 EST 2006

I am using Vector NTi for many years now. The technical support sucks 
(it always has) and my experience tells me that you have to fix the 
problems yourself. The software is very buggy (although it has improved 
from version 2 all the way to the current 10 or so). My complains about 
the bugs have NEVER resulted in them being fixed. I do use the program 
for the following reasons:
- contig assembly (very buggy but for small projects is OK- Staden for 
big ones)
- drawing plasmid maps, annotating constructs etc (the final steps I do 
in PowerPoint anyway)
- keeping database of plasmids and oligos (very useful)
- making virtual restriction digests

I don't use it (it has the features but they are super buggy)
- multiple sequence alignment (clustal works very nicely)
- virtual cloning (I do it by hand- much faster and more accurate)

The program has a potential but the lack of technical support makes the 
program very unfriendly.

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