[Bio-software] Re: vector NTi

Malcolm Cook mec at stowers-institute.org
Fri May 5 13:28:05 EST 2006

I use it all the time and support it at a large research institute and would be very interested to find a forum in which fellow VNTI 
users could do just this.

I also may be able to help you with specific questions in this forum.. Try me!


Malcolm Cook

"Nemo Peeters" <peeters at toulouse.inra.fr> wrote in message news:mailman.845.1146841951.16885.bio-soft at net.bio.net...
> Hi all,
> I am a recent new member of this group. I'd like to know whether people around are interested in sharing comments (tips and 
> problems) about the usage of vector NTi.
> This soft is now freely available from invitrogen (although not opensource as they claim it).
> I found that their free help desk is (very) bad and since I am running in quite some problems with this software, it might be 
> interesting to start some community based discussions.
> Cheers,
> Nemo
> -- 
> Dr Nemo Peeters
> Laboratoire des Interactions Plantes Micro-organismes LIPM
> UMR CNRS-INRA 2594/441
> BP 52627 31326 CASTANET TOLOSAN CEDEX, France +33561285416
> http://capoul.toulouse.inra.fr/centre/lipm/index.htm

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