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[Bio-software] RE: [Bioclusters] TraceSearch

Kathleen kathleen at massivelyparallel.com
Wed Mar 29 11:02:51 EST 2006

I'd like to tag on these announcements too since it appears announcements
are welcomed. 

http://massivelyparallel.com/news.php?itemid=19  (Upload proprietary
databases with guaranteed IP protection)
http://massivelyparallel.com/news.php?itemid=18  (Selectable search speed)
http://massivelyparallel.com/news.php?itemid=17  (MatLab integration)
http://massivelyparallel.com/news.php?itemid=16  (Expanded database support)

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Cc: Zemin Ning
Subject: [Bioclusters] TraceSearch

We would like to announce the launch of a new free service which gives
public access to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Trace Archive via
sequence similarity. The archive contains records of all publicly available
DNA sequencing reads. The search engine, available at:

allows users to identify any sequences in the archive with significant
similarity to their query sequence. Users are able to search the whole
archive in a few seconds, or alternatively to limit the search by species,
sequencing centre or trace type. We use a version of the SSAHA algorithm to
distribute an index over a cluster of machines so that we can continue to
scale the service as the archive grows. 

Full Story:


We welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvements to this service.

Please forward this email to collegues and collaborators who may be


On behave of the TraceSearch development team.

Dr Adam Spargo
High Performance Assembly Group   email: aws at sanger.ac.uk
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute   Tel: +44 (0)1223 834244 x7728
Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SA       Fax: +44 (0)1223 494919

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