[Bio-software] Geneious - free for academic use

Andrew Cameron crouchingpotato at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 17:51:49 EST 2006

This is an alternative to accessing web-based data like NCBI, in a way
we can quickly read, search and use, save, rerun. Can't see why we'd
need to access NCBI directly again.

(From apple.com).

Key features of Geneious
- Your own personalized library for storing and searching sequences
and publications
- Direct access to the world's biggest biological libraries (NCBI,
EMBL databases)
- Tree building (neighbour-joining and UPGMA, Bootstrapping, and
consensus trees)
- Pairwise and Multiple sequence alignment
- NCBI BLAST for sequence similarity searches
- Interactive 3D graphics of protein structures and sequence
annotations eg: genes,
motifs, primer positions
- Full text searching of literature in PDF format in your local
personalized library

What's New in this Version
- Full NCBI BLAST support including blastn, blastp, tblastn, and tblastx
- 3D protein structure visualization
- Many usability improvements including editable fields
- Support for imports from ClustalW, FASTA, Nexus, and Newick
- Storage and full-text searching of PDF documents
- Comprehensive user manual

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