[Bio-software] COPASI Release Candidate 1

Pedro Mendes mendes at vbi.vt.edu
Tue Feb 21 16:59:52 EST 2006

We are pleased to announce the availability of COPASI Release Candidate 1 
(Build 17), a biochemical modeling software package, available at 
http://www.copasi.org . COPASI is the successor to the popular Gepasi 
software and it exists as a native application for all major operating 
systems (Linux, Windows, OS X, and Solaris). COPASI is free for 
non-commercial use, and will be published as open source at the time of its 
full release. Major features of this software are:

 - stochastic time course simulation
 - deterministic (ODE) time course simulation
 - steady state analysis (including stability) 
 - metabolic control analysis 
 - elementary mode analysis 
 - mass conservation analysis 
 - parameter scans 
 - optimization of arbitrary objective functions 
 - parameter estimation from experimental data (time course and/or steady 
state experiments) 
 - sliders for interactive parameter changes 
 - global parameter to change multiple kinetic rates at once 
 - imports and exports SBML (export level 2, import all levels) 
 - loads Gepasi files 
 - command line version for batch processing 

This version added parameter estimation and global parameters, as well as a 
number of other features, and bug fixes.

COPASI Release Candidate 1 is a test version, so we expect that it may still 
have some errors. We ask all users to report these errors to us by emailing 
to <bugs at copasi.org>

COPASI is written by Stefan Hoops, Sven Sahle, Ralph Gauges, Ursula Kummer, 
Pedro Mendes, and many others at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute 
(Blacksburg) and the EML Research (Heidelberg)


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