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  1. [Bio-software] Re: Phylip - WinXP   Joe Felsenstein
  2. [Bio-software] Re: Phylip - WinXP   glykokalyx At hotmail.com
  3. [Bio-software] Beta testers needed for the Mobile Life Sciences Platform   Gregory Quinn
  4. [Bio-software] Announcement: MIRA V2.6.0 genome and EST assembler released   Bastien Chevreux
  5. [Bio-software] BioDownloader: Bioinformatics File Downloads/Updates in Several Clicks   Maxim Shapovalov
  6. [Bio-software] Re: Bioscience summer trainigns   ashu
  7. [Bio-software] [job available] Modeler - NYC   resumes At workwondersstaffing.net
  8. [Bio-software] dna sequencing program/EMBL file server   Noorulain Shafi

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