[Bio-software] Re: CAD gene?

David Mathog mathog at caltech.edu
Mon Apr 24 10:26:54 EST 2006

Ron Peck wrote:
> I have a bunch of DNA sequence files that I need to examine.
> Unfortunately, they are in the format of a Mac program,  "CAD Gene",
> from a company called Scivision which is long defunct.

First open a copy of the file with any text editor - if you're
lucky it's a text format, in which case you can easily
extract the sequence part with the editor.  If not, try a binary dump of 
the data files and see if you can spot the sequence.  For instance, on 
linux do:

   od -c yourfile

If that turns up the data you need either edit the output of the above 
command to recover the sequence, use a binary editor (google for some), 
or use binary dump tools like my datasniffer and mdump programs, part of:


to extract the data by offset and size.


David Mathog

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