[Bio-software] new version of AnnHyb available (4.930)

Olivier Friard olivier.friard.laposte.net at news.proxad.net
Tue Oct 4 18:10:37 EST 2005


a new version (4.930) of AnnHyb is available at

AnnHyb is a tool for working with and managing nucleotide sequences in 
multiple formats. The features include format conversion, sequence 
viewer, sequence editor, oligonucleotides alignment, restriction 
analysis, pattern searching, retrieval from servers, multi-alignment 
viewer, consensus determination ...
AnnHyb is distributed under GPL and is only available for windows platform.

Many functions were modified in order to apply them on many 
oligonucleotides/sequences. See for example "export" and "print" functions.

Some bugs were fixed.

Some functions were introduced:
- visualization of a consensus sequence above the multi-alignment
- option in order to save results in DOS format (CRLF) or in UNIX format 
(LF). See File/Preferences/General
- "print multi sequence function"

See history.txt for more details.

Thank you for the attention

Olivier Friard

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