New siRNA vectors with Enhanced U6 or H1 Promoter

Sherry Huang service at genscript.com
Fri May 27 09:12:17 EST 2005

Dear Colleague,

-- GenScript launched another new series of siRNA vector: Vectors with enhanced U6 or H1 promoter (U6.3 and H1.3).  The enhancement was achieved by using an enhancer sequence near the U6 or H1 promoter.

SD1550 (pRNA-U6.3/Neo): Neomycin Resistance
SD1552 (pRNA-H1.3/Neo): Neomycin Resistance
SD1561 (pRNAT-U6.3/Hygro): Hygromycin Resistance, Marker: cGFP 
SD1563 (pRNAT-H1.3/Hygro): Hygromycin Resistance, Marker: cGFP

It has been reported that enhanced U6 promoter can increase the production of small hairpin RNA (Nucleic Acids Research 31(17):e100).  If you have trouble to silence a gene using regular U6 or H1 promoter, these vectors could be your choice.  Besides Pol III promoters, we also provide siRNA vector with CMV promoter as another alternative strong promoter.

-- Genscript is your best source for vector-based siRNA 

1.  With the above new vectors, GenScript has the most complete siRNA expression vector set in the world,  including plasmidic, inducible, adenoviral, retroviral, and lentiviral.  

2.  Numerous publications have further confirmed Genscript technologies.

3.  Comprehensive service package: including siRNA design, vector, and custom construction.  

In addition to vector-based siRNA, GenScript provides other products and services include custom gene synthesis, custom peptide synthesis, and custom antibody production.

Please visit our web site (http://www.genscript.com) to learn more about our services and products.  Thank you for your time.

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