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circos v0.21 - circularly composited visualization of alignments, conservation and other genomic data

Martin Krzywinski martink at bcgsc.ca
Mon Jun 6 09:25:33 EST 2005

I've just released Circos v0.21. Circos generates publication-quality,
circularly composited
renditions of genomic data and related annotations.


Circos is specifically designed for visualizing alignments, conservation and
intra- and
inter-chromosomal relationships within a genome, between genomes, or between
any two or more sets of objects with a corresponding distance scale.

Circos composits ideograms around a circle and draws 2D data tracks (scatter
plots, line plots, histograms, heat maps, tilings) as concentric annuli and
relationships between genomic positions as bezier curves. All aspects of the
tracks and link curves can be adjusted. Global and local scale
transformations are supported - a unique feature in Circos. The relative
fraction of the diagram occupied by any ideogram can be adjusted, and any
region of an ideogram can be expanded/collapsed, with scale smoothing, to
minimize the contribution of feature-less regions to the figure and maximize
the contribution of feature-rich regions.

Circos is flexible and extensible. It is open-source, written in Perl and
therefore highly "hackable". Input is in the form of an Apache-like
configuration file and input data is expected to be in flat-file format.

Examples of images generated by Circos:


Martin Krzywinski
Genome Sciences Centre
100-570 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4S6
t 604-877-6000x3262 :: f 604-876-3561
www.bcgsc.ca :: martink at bcsgc.ca

Version: 3.1
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