[Bio-software] Re: Miller and Mayer Paper, 1988

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Fri Jul 15 15:14:04 EST 2005

Bionet has changed some since 1988.  At that time, Bionet was
hosted at Intelligenetics as part of their Genbank contract,
and they included a software archive. The meaning you have
for Bionet is the biology Usenet newsgroups, but the software
archives also survive.

I did make a copy of the Intelligenetics public software archive, 
most of which is still available at  IUBio Archive

As part of its long running career, Bionet newsgroups have also
migrated to IUBio Archive (iubio.bio.indiana.edu = www. or net.bio.net now)

I wasn't able to find an original align.c from Miller and Myer 
here, but Bill Pearson's FastA file set includes a version
that will probably suit you.  See

optimal global alignment of two sequences with no short-cuts.
This program is a slightly modified version of one taken from E.
Myers and W. Miller. The algorithm is described in E. Myers and W.
Miller, "Optimal Alignments in Linear Space" (CABIOS (1988) 4:11-17).
/*      align.c
        protein driver for linear sequence comparison method
char *refstr="Please cite: Myers and Miller, CABIOS (1989) 4:11-17";

from ftp://ftp.virginia.edu/pub/fasta/
in fasta21u1d0.shar.Z and later archive files

or from ftp://ftp.bio.net/molbio/search/fasta/ -- same software as above

In article <mailman.127.1121457326.29381.bio-soft at net.bio.net>,
MUAZ FAROOQ <muazfarooqaslam at hotmail.com> wrote:
>Miller and Myer in their paper "Optimal Alignments in Linear Space, 1988" 
>had indicated that the implmentation of their idea can be downloaded from 
>BIONET. i have searched alot on BIONET using google but was unable to find 
>their implmentation.
>It would be really grate if someone could help me locating their 
>implmentation on linear space algortihm.

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