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I am a Bioinformatics PhD student. I dont know about Stem Cell stuff, 
but in my opinion useful stuff to know is:

A scripting language e.g. perl or python
MySQL databases
CGI programming for the web and website design
Structural Biology
Molecular Evolution/Phylogeny e.g. clustal, phylip, paup, mrbayes...
Using BLAST and accessing NCBI/EBI databases
Bioinformatics for Microarray design and analysis
Primer design tools for molecular biology

There are many online tutorials on bioinformatics to be found through 

good luck,

Meshktenye wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Miller and I am
> an instructor at a local college.
> I am requesting your assistance in developing a dynamic and challenging
> BioInformatics curriculum here at our school. We are especially
> interested if the use of BioInformatics tools for Stem Cell Research.
> We wish to assure our student that they are receiving the best possible
> education, utilizing the most modern equipment and cutting-edge
> technology. We want to assure our students that the training they
> receive will guarantee them a career in the field.
> What tools, resources, databases, software, manuals, specific training,
> education, knowledge, lab experience, lab equipment, etc. would be most
> helpful for an entry-level BioInformatics researcher to know? What
> tools would be most useful for Stem Cell Research?
> I sincerely appreciate any assistance you can offer us in this matter.
> Sincerely,
> Steve Miller
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