building suffix tree using DNA sequences

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Tue Sep 21 12:48:32 EST 2004

Building Suffix Trees using DNA sequences


I am a 'newbie' in bioinformatics and I have been using Windows all my life. 

If you do not mind, I hope you 
can help me out. I am now working on a project in building suffix tree using DNA sequences 

This is my knowledge of building a suffix tree using DNA sequences: 
1)Go to NCBI Genbank FTP site to download files which contain the 
genomes in FLASTA format 
2)Setup a PC with linux OS that includes a C or C++ compiler as most 
suffix tree construction codes are in C or C++ 
3) Run the program with the flat file and benchmark the suffix tree 
construction results using some benchmarking program 

Is this roughly the correct procedure? Is there any websites or docs 
which serves as a guideline on how to go about doing it? 


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