Announcement:Molecule Viewer for Windows Explorer Available

info at axiomdiscovery.com info at axiomdiscovery.com
Mon Sep 6 05:50:03 EST 2004

Axiom Discovery is pleased to announce the release of Molecule Viewer
as a free software download.
Molecule Viewer is a Microsoft Windows application that works in a
similar way to the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer that is part of the
Windows operating system.
Molecule Viewer allows users to view molecular structures stored in a
wide variety of file formats including Brookhaven PDB, Alchemy, MDL,
Gaussian, MOPAC, etc by simply right-clicking on the file in Windows
Explorer and selecting the "Preview" command.
Features include:
- view structures in traditional renderings such as ball and stick 
- view proteins as ribbons, cartoons, barrels and tubes 
- view solvent accessible surfaces 
- view molecular orbitals and iso-density surfaces saved in Axiom
Discovery workspace files
- animation of normal modes
- supports many common molecular file formats including PDB 
- print images direct to a printer 
- OpenGL based with full control over how the image is rendered
including background colors and gradients, projection, anti-aliasing,
For further details and instructions on how to download the software
please visit our web site at www.axiomdiscovery.com
Kam Chana,Ph.D.
Axiom Discovery, Inc.

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