Gene Quantification Newsletter August 2004

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Gene Quantification Newsletter August 2004

The Gene Quantification pages were totally new designed at 

A totally new Academic & industrial Information Platform for qPCR was 

In the near future a lot of qPCR companies and co-operating Institutions & 
Laboratories will place their information on the Gene Quantification web 
pages. Up to now already the following companies are present on the qPCR 
    * Roche Applied Science
    * BioCat and Finnzymes
    * TIB-Molbiol
    * Metabion
    * a lot more in the next weeks
A lot of NEW <http://www.gene-quantification.info/>sections and sub-pages:

Three different FRAMES guarantee a better overview over the page with 
around 250 MP information.

The newly designed GOOGLE SEARCH allows an easy finding of the qPCR info.

The newly designed DIRECTORY provides a lot of qPCR keywords.

A lot of new and interesting GLOSSARIES.

Primer design software DATABASES
    * Gene-Quantification directory
    * NEWS
    * HKG and normalisation page
    * real-time PCR page
    * Dye and chemistry page
    * qPCR strategy page
    * Determination of real-time PCR efficiency
    * BioInformatics in real-time PCR
    * Molecular Endocrinology, Physiology and Immunology
    * The 1st international qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop
    * co-operating Institutions & Laboratories

Interesting Events 


1.                   NEW SECTION - PCR Lab on a chip

2.                   NARG 2004 Real Time PCR Survey - Taqman Assay Design 
Study ABRF Nucleic Acids Research Group

3.                   The EQUAL-quant Programme

Objectives of the EQUAL-quant Programme:  We are aiming to provide 
laboratories carrying out quantitative PCR for the quantification of cDNA 
the opportunity to participate in a Europe-wide external quality assessment 
(EQA) program. For the purposes of this project we are limiting the 
assessment to the 5-nuclease (TaqMan) assay.

4.         Gene Expression Units Working Group
Play your part in developing an internationally recognised standard unit 
for measuring gene expression. Members from the industrial, academic and 
regulatory sectors are invited to join this predominantly web-based working 
group dedicated to the development of an internationally recognised standard.
    * Gene measurement
    * Comparability of gene expression measurements on microarrays
    * Quantitative DNA measurements & the development of reference standards

5.   DNA Amplification: Current Technologies and Applications

Please send the NEWSLETTER and the home page link 
to further scientists and friends who are interested in the qPCR platform 
an all related information, like:  real-time PCR, new quantification 
strategies, relative or absolute gene quantification using kinetic PCR.

best regards

Michael Pfaffl
Editor of Gene Quantification Pages


For further questions concerning real-time PCR and if you want to SUBSCRIBE 
to our monthly appearing GENE QUANTIFICATION NEWSLETTER please contact 
<mailto:editor at gene-quantification.info>editor at gene-quantification.info 
You will receive all new features about qPCR.

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