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Dear Reader

AgBiotechnology will be one of the key applications for the agricultural 
sector of developing countries in the next decades.  The potential economic 
and environmental boost triggered by AgBiotechnology applications has been 
demonstrated and proven in numerous independent studies. As the EC is only 
slowly and - in the case of Germany -half-heartedly committing itself to 
these promising applications, AgBiotechnology may prove to be the ultimate 
trigger of accelerated development in emergent countries. On occasion of 
ABIC2004, Dr. Florence Wambugu of Afric Harvest will give a talk about 
the implications of AgBiotechnology for Africa. For more details about 
the program of ABIC2004 check our website www.abic2004.org or register 
directly online at www.abic2004.org/registration/.

AgBiotechnology has been proven save, applicable and successful in countless 
cases and after more than ten years of commercial applications. Still, 
under an environmentalist's label, there is a counter-movement working 
against efforts of unbiased consumer information - generally ignoring objective 
arguments for AgBiotechnology applications - both environmental (e.g. less 
pesticides) and economic ones. It is therefore not too surprising that 
a counter-meeting is being organized in Cologne at September 12th. Information 
about the "Anti-Gene-Conference" is available at www.misereor.de.
It is our hope that the participation of  the churches, represented by 
Misereor and "Brot für die Welt" as co-organizers, will lead to a less 
heated debate and a reasonable exchange of information during our public 
podium discussion on Sunday, 12, Sept., 8 pm at the Cologne Conference 
Center West. 

The AgBiotech-Manifesto, publicized on August 6th, has meanwhile proven 
a grand success. At the time of writing, MORE THAN  300 persons have signed 
the online version, which is accessible at www.abic2004.org/manifesto/ 

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