JAligner version 0.8 released - sequence alignment

Ahmed Moustafa ahmed at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Sep 6 05:45:37 EST 2004

<http://jaligner.sourceforge.net> JAligner 
<http://jaligner.sourceforge.net> is an open source Java implementation 
of Smith-Waterman algorithm for biological sequence alignment.

The new release includes several major user interface (GUI) enhancements:

    * Executing as a desktop application as well as a JNLP-based.
    * Editing capabilities for the input sequences.
    * Interaction with the system clipboard (copy, cut and paste).
    * Detailed logging for actions and errors.

In addition, the new release supports input sequences in plain text (no 
format) besides the FASTA format.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

Ahmed Moustafa
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