looking for free gel fingerprint analysis software

Johannes Elias jelias at REMOVEhygiene.uni-wuerzburg.de
Tue Oct 5 11:29:18 EST 2004

Hi all!

Here´s a question from a newbie:

I am looking for a free program or a software package, that is able to
analylze gel fingerprint patterns and draw phylogenetic trees.

I have been searching the net for anything suitable and the most
promising software so far seems to be "Image" from Sanger
(http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Image/). I haven´t been able to make
it work, though (my Linux skills are still in the process of
development); on the other hand I am not sure whether Image just
analyzes the gel-image to eventually hand the results over to
additional software for the construction of phylogenetic trees or
whether it is capable of doing it all itself.

Are there any free programs out there at all that would do the trick?
Thanks in advance for any helpful hint.

Greetings, Johannes


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