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Fabien Petitcolas fabienpe at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 22 12:17:44 EST 2004

                 Microsoft Research Cambridge
                      Call for proposals
          Computational tools for advancing sciences

In the last decade almost every branch of science has made
more and more use of advanced computing and information
technologies. This convergence of computing and the sciences
is creating a revolution in the very nature of science and
scientific discovery and creating 'new kinds' of science.
Expectations range from completely transforming our
understanding of biological systems and the aetiology of
disease, creating new therapies for the treatment and
prevention of today's life threatening and debilitating
illnesses, to understanding the origins of our universe and
helping understand and halt the loss of the planet's life
support system - its biodiversity.

However, the pace of this scientific revolution is
threatening to overwhelm the pace of current computational
capabilities to be able to effectively make greatest use of
the data being generated by computational science, and
outstrip the ability of scientists to be able to use,
analyse, understand and interpret the quantity and
complexity of this data. And the scale of this challenge
is increasing exponentially.

Solving this computational challenge is an enormous task.
Microsoft Research is pleased to announce a call for
proposals in 'Computational Tools for Advancing Science'
to help contribute to this challenge. Microsoft Research
invites research grant applications from leading researchers
and research groups at Universities and Research Centres in
Europe, the Middle East or Africa to participate in this

Microsoft Research intends to award up to ten (10) research
projects with grants of up to 100,000 euros each.

Selection process and criteria, eligibility and applications
process details are available at


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