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BioConvergence 2004 - Last Chance to Register!

Wednesday 19 May - Thursday 20 May, The Barbican, London

Only #195 for one day, #295 for two days

Register online: http://www.biotechconvergence.com/registration.html

BIOCONVERGENCE 2004 will bring together delegates from many disciplines
within biotechnology, bioinformatics and informatics, from industry and
academia. It will provide an international venue for partnering and
showcasing products and technologies, as well as for learning from experts
within industry and the financial community

Conference sessions listed below.

Session I: The Biotechnology Challenge
Chaired by Dr Malcolm Simms, Director of Innovation and Enterprise at Queen
Mary University of London.

Bioscience challenges - the need for communication
Dr Julie Logan, Director, Simfonec, London Enterprise Centre.

Capturing Value in Life Science Innovation
Dr Roger Harrison, VP, Head of Oncology Strategic Business Unit, BTG Plc.

Alternative strategy to establish a drug delivery company
Dr Andrew Muddle, CEO, MedPharm Ltd.

GeneICE - new therapeutic approach
Dr Jake Micallef, Director, Cronos Therapeutics.

Session II: The Convergence Challenge
Chaired by Sue Harris, Managing Director, Andersen Piquet.

Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology Workshops and Projects
Dr Frederic Marcus, Principal Scientific Officer, European Commission.
Research Directorate.

Oracle'e Strategy in Life Sciences.
Susie Stephens, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Life Sciences (USA).

Bringing together biosciences, microelectronics and informatics to detect
and manage chronic diseases
James Jackson, CEO, Smart Sensor Telemed.

How much are your databases worth?
Dr. Lewis Jardine, Engineering Director, Intellidos Ltd

Session III: Ahead of the game Part 1
Chaired by Prof. Igor Goryanin, Head, Cell Simulations and Pathway
Modelling, GlaxoSmithKline
Visiting Professor, University College London

Maximising the value of experimental and in silico screening.
Dr Jin Li, Director, Chemical Computing Enabling Science and Technology
(EST) AstraZeneca R&D Mvlndal, Sweden.

Session IV: The Business Challenge Part 1:
Chaired by John Pool, founder of Proteus International Plc and Biotechnology
business advisor to Scottish Enterprise

Bridging the Equity Gap
Dr Louis Nisbet, Partner, Sitka Partners

Venture Capital - the Nordic Model
Seppo Mdkinen, Senior Partner, Bio Fund Management Ltd

The Business Challenge Part 2:

Route to the IPO
Dr Jonathan Kwok, Life Science Analyst

Institutional Investor: A friend or a foe?
Dr George Morris, Augusta Finance.

Session V: Cracking the code
Chaired by Prof. Nick Lemoine, Director of The Cancer Research UK Clinical

Bioinformatics and Data Resources
Prof. Janet Thornton, Director of The European Bioinformatics Institute and
founder of Inpharmatica.

Breaking the surface: genetics, genomics and epithelial disease.
Prof. William O.C.M. Cookson, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics,
University of Oxford and founder of Surface Therapeutics.

Open Discovery Workflows: a pragmatic approach to integrating bioinformatics
and cheminformatics.
Dr. Jonathan Sheldon, Chief Scientific Officer (LifeSciences), InforSense,

Machine Learnt Biomarkers
Prof. Vijay Chandru, CEO, Strand Genomics, India.

Session VI: Collaboration model
Chaired by Prof. Charles Barden-Fuller, Professor of Strategy and
International Business, Cass Business School.

Maximising value from integrated PK-PD Prediction
Jvrg Lippert, Bayer Technology Services, Computational Solutions.

Applying integrated PK-PD Modeling along the value chain
John Savin, CEO, Physiomics.

Session VII: Ahead of the game Part 1:
Chaired by Prof. Colin Howard, Director, London BioScience Innovation Centre
and Vice Pricipal of Royal Veterinary College.

Turning ideas into sustainable business.
Anne Marie Dalgaard, Partner Promotion Group Manager, ISTC, Russia.

Developing the in silico cell: a tool for drug therapy design.
Prof. David Fell, Professor of Biochemistry and Assistant Dean of the School
of Biological & Molecular Sciences, Oxford Brookes University.

Ahead of the game Part 2:
"Mind the Gap" - ITI as an innovative model for economic development
Dr John Chiplin, CEO, ITI Life Sciences

Biology, Bioconvergence - Information and Life - Putting it all Together
Prof. Alan Barrell, Chairman, Cambridge Worldwide Associates and Transitions
Ltd, Entrepreneur in residence, Cambridge University.

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