Genome Canada Bioinformatics Course

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Mar 17 07:42:58 EST 2004

First Announcement:

             University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
             Saturday,  June 12th  to Sunday, June 20th, 2004

Bioinformatics in the post-genomic era requires the analysis of large and
diverse datasets using automated tools.  While many Web-based tools are
available to the wet-lab researcher, the Web is not well suited for tasks
beyond single-sequence annotation.  Researchers need to become productive in
a server-based Unix environment with its wealth of scripting and automation
tools.  Even at an entry-level, this can be an intimidating task if proper
guidance is not available.

The Genome Canada Bioinformatics Platform is working to empower researchers
by teaching a hands-on course, outlining tried-and-proven approaches as well
as new developments, with lectures by a panel of experts and integrated
assignments to develop practical skills. The course will be taught using
tools and services which are available through Genome Canada Bioinformatics

Topics include (tentative):

  o  Canadian Bioinformatics Resource (CBR)
  o  Genome Canada Bioinformatics Help Desk
  o  Basic Unix skills
  o  Working on a network-centric Unix desktop
  o  BIRCH: Working with large numbers of sequences on a comprehensive
     bioinformatics system
  o  Perl scripting, BioPerl and SeqHound: Quick automation of data
     analysis tasks and utilization of web services
  o  BioMOBY: a transparent software layer that automatically finds and
     uses web services.
  o  How biological concepts are phrased in computational models and how
     such models can be made operational in a database
  o  BIND: Analyzing a gene in its biological context and retrieving lists
     of functionally related genes, i.e. interactors or co-regulated genes
  o  Retrieving datasets from public databases based on lists of
     functionally related genes
  o  Strategies to discover correlations in biological data
  o  High-throughput genome annotation with TimeLogic and GeneMatcher
  o  MAGPIE : Automated genome analysis and annotation
  o  BLUEJAY : Genome data visualization
For more information about this workshop or to download a registration
form, please go to http://www.gcbioinformatics.ca

Sophie Chung
Training Coordinator
Genome Prairie
PH:  (403) 210-8588
Email:  sophie.chung at visualgenomics.ca

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