Blastall Batch Utility: Online script generation

Ariel Dolan aridolan at netvision.net.il
Wed Mar 10 03:14:31 EST 2004

The "Blastall Batch Utility" is an online web application, designed to
generate batch files (or command strings) for running the NCBI Blastall
program locally. One version is used to run directly a Fasta file vs.
another Fasta file, another to run a Fasta file against a local Blast
database. It supports interactive selection of input files, setting Blast
parameters, assisted generation of output file names, and saving the batch
files to the local disk.

To run a Fasta File vs. another Fasta file:
Simple version: http://www.aridolan.com/bbu/bbufj.aspx?mode=ff
Advanced version: http://www.aridolan.com/bbu/bbuff.aspx?mode=ff

To run a Fasta File vs. a local Blast database:
Simple version: http://www.aridolan.com/bbu/bbufj.aspx?mode=fd
Advanced version: http://www.aridolan.com/bbu/bbuff.aspx?mode=fd

To format a Fasta file as a local Blast database:

Overview page:

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