NCBI TOOLKIT, AsnLib and files larger than 2Go

Pierre plindenbaum at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 10 07:41:06 EST 2004

Hello all,

I'm trying to read the ASN1 version of dbsnp using the

Everything works except with

where the unflated file has a size larger than 2Go (LARGEFILE)

but it seems than the AsnLib does not handle such a large file:
in the source file 'asnio.c' I can see the function:

      NLM_EXTERN Int4 LIBCALL  AsnIoSeek (AsnIoPtr aip, Int4 pos)

 using an Int4 to map a position in a file. This Int4 cannot handle
positions in a LARGEFILE.

Does anyone knows how to handle this large NCBI file using the NCBI
toolkit ?

Thank you in advance


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