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Louis Jones lmj at pasteur.fr
Mon Sep 15 10:56:25 EST 2003

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Andrea <webmaster at bioinformatik.de> wrote:
>I am looking for a fast global alignment tool.
>I want to find the most identical sequences by comparing a query
>sequence with a sequence database.
>If I do this with blast or fasta I will get local alignments only but
>I want to have an alignment with the complete sequence.
>Is there a tool like this? 
>As far as I know I have to use the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm for
>this, am I right?

Thats right!

Some implementations include:

needle	EMBOSS			free-ware
gap	GCG			commercial
swx	Paracel GeneMatcher	commercial 

Probably a whole lot of others...

--Louis Jones

>Thanks for your help!
>  Andrea

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