Looking for a Lab journal prog

R. Wolfgang Rumpf evildrbob at mac.com
Fri Sep 5 12:34:39 EST 2003

The description of electronic notebooks/journals as having no legal 
value is not entirely true - if the system is 21CFR compliant, it is as 
good as a paper notebook in terms of authentication.

The real problem is that there has not yet been a court case involving 
electronic notebooks.  The security features, however, are as good if 
not better (digital signatures, system encryption of metadata for 
time/date, etc.) than for paper.

If you want more information on electronic journals/notebooks, please 
contact me at wolfgang.rumpf at rescentris.com

In article <Ne53b.9101$6g.2897 at charlie.risq.qc.ca>,
 Ergo Sum <google at home.com> wrote:

> Philipp Wechner wrote:
> > Hi out there!
> > 
> > I am tired of doing my lab journal on paper and glue in the prints of my
> > gels.
> > Does anybody know a good program to do a lab journal on the PC
> > (Windows). A good search tool for this journal would also bee nice....
> > 
> > any solutions?
> I know of none for Windoze.
> There is a solution for Linux:
> Elog: The Electronic Logbook package by Stefan Ritt (Current version is :
> 2.3.9)
> http://midas.psi.ch/elog/
> It is bezond anything you dream, and it's *FREE*, as in speech. It's also
> *FREE* as in beer, and that makes it all the better.
> *HOWEVER* I must *_WARN_* you:
> Electronic log-books have no legal value in research laboratories. However
> much you hate (as do I) the paper and glue thing, it is the only one held
> as official. Should you have any kind of problems (pattent application,
> /ars/ /ante/ proofs, confidentiality breach, fraud charges or many others
> known to exist in lab environnements), your electronic logbook will not be
> considered as valid, since it is easier to forge than its paper
> counterpart.
> Use the elog if you wish, but keep your paper version working, for you never
> know the blows destiny still will toll upon thee.
> If you fail to heed my advise on this topic, I do recommend you burn regular
> backups of your logged work in a non-rewrtitable CD-ROM, and that you keep
> printed versions of what you store there. CYA (Cover Your Ass), so they
> say.
> Cheers.

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