Proposal for creation of algorithm repository

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 21 09:30:48 EST 2003

Peter Rice wrote:

> Malay Kumar Basu wrote:
> > I don't have the necessary resources. But I think time has come that
> > someone should create an algorithm repository for bioinformaics. Most of
> > the standard algorithms has matured and several heuristics have been
> > developed. The time is ripe to put all in one place. It will be a golden
> > resource for everyone.
> >  
> > I am eager to hear from you guys-what do you think of such a project? Is
> > anyone out there has broad enough shoulder.
> Public domain source code please ... some 'free' licensing is needed to 
> make sure we can reuse the code.

The Gnu copyleft (Gnu General Public Licence) may be the best bet, as it
is well established. This would mean that all derivative work must be
open source as well.

If that is not intended, the lesser copyleft (Library Gnu Public
Licence) may fit the bill, it allows the code to be used in commercial,
closed code projects.

IMHO these two options should satisfy most needs, why reinvent the

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