ICoBiCoBi 2003 - 2nd Call for Papers

David C. Martins Jr. davidjr at ime.usp.br
Fri Mar 14 05:33:42 EST 2003


                             2nd Call for Papers

                               ICoBiCoBi 2003
1st International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
                               14-16 May 2003
                         Ribeirco Preto, SP, Brazil

             **********NEW DEADLINE: March 30th 2003**********


As we move into the  21st century, the unprecedented possibilities for
multidisciplinary research in biology are posed to concentrate a great
deal  of the  attention and  efforts  in science  and technology.  The
promising  perspectives include  not only  understanding  and treating
diseases, but also deciphering the  secrets of life from the molecular
to the  environmental levels.  At the same  time, the  vast complexity
underlying the  biological systems represents  a considerable obstacle
that  will only be  circumvented through  the combination  of powerful
mathematical  concepts and  methods, allied  to the  use  of effective
computational implementation and simulation.

The 1st  International Conference on  Bioinformatics and Computational
Biology (ICoBiCoBi), to be held in  Brazil from 14th to 16th May 2003,
represents  a  unique  opportunity  for bringing  together  under  the
unifying  theme  of  computer  science  a broad  series  of  concepts,
problems and applications in biology. Special attention will be placed
on the  combined use  of concepts and  techniques to  address relevant
problems in biology.

Prospective  authors  are  encouraged  to  submit  one-page  abstracts
reporting high-quality and innovative approaches to bioinformatics and
computational  biology.  Every  accepted  abstract will  be  published
electronically in the WWW, and  those presented in the conference will
be  considered for  subsequent  publication, in  extended version,  in
print in the  respective proceedings (to be possibly  published in the
indexed Lecture Notes Series). Works dealing on imaging-related issues
may  be selected  for  a special  issue  of the  Journal of  Real-Time
Imaging (Academic Press - Elsevier) to appear in 2003.


Invited speakers:

Michael Bittner - National Human Genome Research Institute

Yidong Chen     - National Human Genome Research Institute

Stephen Koslow  - National Institute of Mental Health



Agronomy                                      Drug Discovery
Genetics                                      Data Mining
Computer Networks in Biology                  Biological Morphology
Developmental Biology                         Dynamical Systems
Molecular Engineering                         Complexity
Biophysics                                    Neuroinformatics
Post-Genomics                                 Statistics
Diagnosis                                     Pattern Recognition
Gene Expression Networks                      Artificial Intelligence
Genetic Improvement                           Databases
Proteomics                                    Parallel Computing
Optimization                                  Software environments


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