Release 2 of ACT - a DNA sequence comparison viewer

Kim Rutherford kmr+news at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Mar 4 04:29:32 EST 2003

The Sanger Institute is pleased to announce the availability of
release 2 of ACT - a DNA sequence comparison viewer.

The new release can be obtained from the ACT v2 web pages:

The most important improvement in this release is the ability to
compare more than two sequences.  To see how this looks see the
bottom of the examples page:

This release contains all the functionality of Artemis release 5.
In common with Artemis, ACT is written in Java and runs on
GNU/Linux, UNIX, Macintosh (MacOS version 9 or version 10) and MS
Windows systems.



  ACT (Artemis Comparison Tool) is a DNA sequence comparison
  viewer based on the Artemis sequence analysis and annotation
  tool.  It can read complete EMBL and GENBANK entries or sequence
  in FASTA or raw format.  The sequence comparison displayed by
  ACT will usually be the output of a blastn or tblastx search
  (see the user manual for details:

ACT distribution

  ACT is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
  License, hence it is available for free for use by any one for
  any purpose.

Further information

  The ACT web pages contain documentation, download and
  installation instructions:

  Some examples and screenshots can be found here:

  For more information on Artemis is available from the Artemis
  web pages: 

Mailing list

  We welcome contributions to ACT and Artemis and suggestions for
  new features.  An email discussion list has been set up for this
  purpose. To join, send a message to 'majordomo at sanger.ac.uk'
  with 'subscribe artemis' in the body (not the subject).
  Announcements are also sent to this list.


  The development of ACT and Artemis is funded by the Wellcome
  Trust's Beowulf Genomics initiative, through its support of the
  Pathogen Sequencing Unit.

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