EMBOSS graphics on Mac OS X

Juergen Wenzel juergenwenzel at gmx.net
Mon Mar 3 11:47:08 EST 2003

isen at molbio.mgh.harvard.edu (Thomas Isenbarger) writes:

> I have successfully installed the EMBOSS suite on Mac OS X and now I am 
> starting to explore some of the programs available.  How do I (if 
> possible) get programs such as abiview to use the Apple X11 window 
> system for display?  Is graphical display only available through jemboss?
> Thanks,
> Tom I.
> ---

Hello Thomas!

I prefer to use the "EMBOSS GUI". It is a script you have to run on your
Web-Server (Is Apache included in Mac OS X?). Installation was very easy
and it runs without any problems.

Check out 
for more information and download.


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