Software for managing BLAST results?

Ergo Sum google at home.com
Thu Jun 26 09:55:35 EST 2003

Peter Frank wrote:

> Is there a software for managing BLAST results?
> For now, I save my BLAST results as text files because I cannot save
> the HTML output with the Internet Explorer (does it work for anyone
> else?). With time I have a directory  full of text format BLAST
> results pages, which do not allow easy handling, viewing, etc. (of
> course, a lot of features of the HTML output are not available in text
> format). So, I wonder whether there is something like a software that
> allows creating an annotatable and analyzable database of BLAST
> results pages containing all the information of the HTML output pages.
> Peter
> ---

I use netblast (blastcl3) for M$win and Unix/Linux, free, downloadable from
the NCBI site. Does online queries, and the results are spit out in either
text or html. I believe isone of the actual applications used on the NCBI
web interface.

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