Software for pretty formatting of sequences?

Ergo Sum google at home.com
Thu Jun 19 03:48:41 EST 2003

Peter Frank wrote:

>  timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk (Tim Cutts) wrote:
>>In article <uuapevg5h9j5pukf26eu0qn71do0glnte2 at 4ax.com>,
>>Peter Frank <peter_frankde at yahoo.de> wrote:
>>>I am looking for a program for pretty formatting of sequences (not
>>>I have several raw sequence data files and they are nothing but
>>>letters, of course. That way they look pretty dull and it is very hard
>>>to find any orientation from such a sequence when printed on paper.
>>>Therefore, the program I am looking for should:
>>>* be able to perform automatic sequence blocking with selectable
>>>numbers of characters and columns
>>>* be able to put position numbers to the left and/or to the right of
>>>each sequence line
>>I've written a perl script to do all of the above in the past, although
>>that was for Incyte, and is code that I no longer have, since I don't
>>work there any more.
>>It's pretty trivial to do, though.
>>I'll see if I can reinvent my code.
> Thanks for the offer but I finally found a free program that can
> pretty much do what I wanted.
> Peter
> ---

What program is it?

Aquila delenda est

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