Software for pretty formatting of sequences?

Morten Lindow morten at binf.ku.dk
Wed Jun 18 14:00:19 EST 2003

Look at this nice java-program


or more generically if you like to program perhaps:

Otherwise there are several big commercial packages that among a lot of 
other features have the ones you are looking for. i.e VectorNTI from 


Peter Frank wrote:
> I am looking for a program for pretty formatting of sequences (not
> alignments).
> I have several raw sequence data files and they are nothing but
> letters, of course. That way they look pretty dull and it is very hard
> to find any orientation from such a sequence when printed on paper.
> Therefore, the program I am looking for should:
> * be able to perform automatic sequence blocking with selectable
> numbers of characters and columns
> * be able to put position numbers to the left and/or to the right of
> each sequence line
> * perhaps allow formatting of personally selected regions within the
> sequence (however, this is not really necessary since I can also do
> that in any word processor as long as the formatted sequence can be
> exported in text format)
> I tried this with GeneDoc (which is actually used for alignments,
> thought I'd give it a try anyway) but couldn't get any satisfactory
> results. Maybe I just did not use it right. Is all of the above
> possible with GeneDoc?
> If not, can anyone recommend me a program for the above purpose?
> Peter
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