Introductory Bioinformatics Books for Computer Scientists

Ergo Sum google at home.com
Wed Jun 18 14:00:10 EST 2003

David Murphy wrote:

> Hi - I am considering taking my broad experience in computer science
> and retraining to some degree the areas of bioinformatics/
> computational biology. I have very little biology knowledge at all..
> I am interested in finding a book that I can read to get an
> introduction to this field. Most books I have seen so far appear to be
> for biologists needing to gain computer science skills. EG how to
> setup Linux, program in Pearl etc which I *DONT* need.
> I would appreciate any recommendations for books that will introduce
> someone with a strong and broad computer science background to the
> bioinformatics area of study. I need knowledge on the prerequisite
> biology concepts and the types of problems in that
> bioinformatics/computational biology is addressing via computer
> science etc.
> Thanks for your recommendations..

This is an open act of proselytism ;)

The best way to do bioinformatics is to get in touch with biologist who need
informatic solutions... and that is what we are:

OpenVector aims to be an application for Molecular Biologists in the
trenches, sort of speak.


There is a great need for good open source molecular biology software, and
we hope that OpenVector will fill that need! We intend to develop many of
the features available in the commercially available Vector NTI. 
Join in, and we will fill you in with most of the biology zou'll ever
needd.. and you can give a very solid hand in programing very badly needed
solutions for people doing molecular biology, like YHS.

Hope to see you there.

Aquila delenda est

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