Introductory Bioinformatics Books for Computer Scientists

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> In article <df0b1de1.0306171516.5b3c797a at posting.google.com>, DavidMurphy at j-netdirect.com (David Murphy) writes:
> >Hi - I am considering taking my broad experience in computer science
> >and retraining to some degree the areas of bioinformatics/
> >computational biology. I have very little biology knowledge at all..
> >
> >I am interested in finding a book that I can read to get an
> >introduction to this field. Most books I have seen so far appear to be
> >for biologists needing to gain computer science skills. EG how to
> >setup Linux, program in Pearl etc which I *DONT* need.
> >
> >I would appreciate any recommendations for books that will introduce
> >someone with a strong and broad computer science background to the
> >bioinformatics area of study. I need knowledge on the prerequisite
> >biology concepts and the types of problems in that
> >bioinformatics/computational biology is addressing via computer
> >science etc.
> >
> >Thanks for your recommendations..
> >
> I would suggest:
> Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists
> www.aaai.org/Library/Books/Hunter/01-Hunter.pdf

Thanks Catherine - I will download and read this information. Please
let me know if you think of any other texts that may be appropriate.

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