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Brett brett at topgunmm.com
Tue Jun 17 09:34:25 EST 2003

We have recently completed work and support for a new Microarray
Analysis Suite.  GenePilotb" represents what Cluster and Treeview would
have evolved into had there been a continuation in the excellent work
that Micheal Eisen did in the late 90's.  It includes the following
 1. Hierarchical Clustering (Sophisticated programming results in low
memory requirements)
 2. K-Means (Very useful result screen, rows are sorted by most
correlated to least)
 3. SOM (Same sorting as K-Means, many parameter options)
 4. SAM (Significance Analysis - Supervised analysis)
It provides a more integrated suite along with many very useful
features that particularly benefit biologists doing research, writing
papers and giving presentations.  These features include:
 1. Bitmap export of all result screens
 2. Copy to clipboard/file
 3. Importation of many of the field from Stanford Source
 4. Sophisticated Gene Ontology display in every result screen
 5. Creation of sub-dataset from analytic results (i.e. K-Means
Clusters, SOM Nodes, SAM Significance FDR Cut-off, etc), 
 6. Archiving feature that saves in zip(gz) format that can be emailed
to a colleague for their importation of Dataset and all saved results.
 7. Export of information html page with all imported information on
selected rows (genes) along with configurable links to more
information (i.e. geneCards, SwissProt, etc) which includes a Gene VS
Gene Ontology matrix at the top.
 8. Many more features.
  It includes a complete usermanual and a comprehensive tutorial for
learning all of the features in it's intuitive and east to learn
If you could take a few minutes to check out the screenshots of the
results you will quickly see the extensive benefits that such a tool
as GenePilotb" has to offer.  You can learn more about GenePilot at
www.GenePilot.com .
GenePilot will be free for all academic users (we plan on keeping it
this way) and offered at a very reasonable price to corporate users.
GenePilot is designed to be very flexible and easy to modify for
specific needs to address the wide variety of needs that exist between
the many labs throughout the industry.  These custom modifications can
be made for very reasonable rates.

We hope you like it!
brett at genepilot.com

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