DNAstar OS switch

Larry "Harris" Taylor lpt at umich.edu
Tue Jun 10 04:15:35 EST 2003

The Windows application


allows batch renaming of both name and file extension. It is freeware at



"Dirk M|ller" <Kraweel at web.de> wrote in message
news:dg36ev0pnquof2er7jklkjivohmevuqejd at 4ax.com...
> We switched fro Mac to WinXP although converting the licence form Mac
> to PC is extremly expensive!!!!
> To import your old Mac files you habe to add the new WinXP-Version
> extension manualy. A lot of handwork because I could not find a
> software like filetyper (mac) to do the job in a kind of batch
> conversion on the pc.
> regards, Dirk...
> >caz at ductape.net (Jim) wrote in message
news:<f324c85f.0304211744.6355ea92 at posting.google.com>...
> >> Help!
> >>
> >> I like DNAstar's Lasergene software.  I'm trying to switch from Mac OS
> >> 9 to Windows XP (or if it proves too hard, Mac OS X).  Does anyone
> >> have any good tips on how to make this switch less painful?  The major
> >> issue I'm having is that XP doesn't understand what the filetype
> >> suffixes should be for all my old OS 9 - generated DNAstar files.
> >> This results in me having to manually change the file name to add the
> >> proper suffix for each file.  I've been generating data with DNAstar
> >> software for four years now on OS 9 and I've got tens of thousands of
> >> editseq files, hundreds of all the others (Mapdraw, Seqman, Megalign
> >> etc.).  Is there an easier way?  Has anyone made this switch more
> >> succesfully than me?
> >>
> >> Any advice would be nice,
> >>
> >> -Casey

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