DNAstar OS switch

Dirk Müller Kraweel at web.de
Mon Jun 9 03:56:39 EST 2003

We switched fro Mac to WinXP although converting the licence form Mac
to PC is extremly expensive!!!!
To import your old Mac files you habe to add the new WinXP-Version
extension manualy. A lot of handwork because I could not find a
software like filetyper (mac) to do the job in a kind of batch
conversion on the pc.
regards, Dirk...
>caz at ductape.net (Jim) wrote in message news:<f324c85f.0304211744.6355ea92 at posting.google.com>...
>> Help!
>> I like DNAstar's Lasergene software.  I'm trying to switch from Mac OS
>> 9 to Windows XP (or if it proves too hard, Mac OS X).  Does anyone
>> have any good tips on how to make this switch less painful?  The major
>> issue I'm having is that XP doesn't understand what the filetype
>> suffixes should be for all my old OS 9 - generated DNAstar files. 
>> This results in me having to manually change the file name to add the
>> proper suffix for each file.  I've been generating data with DNAstar
>> software for four years now on OS 9 and I've got tens of thousands of
>> editseq files, hundreds of all the others (Mapdraw, Seqman, Megalign
>> etc.).  Is there an easier way?  Has anyone made this switch more
>> succesfully than me?
>> Any advice would be nice,
>> -Casey

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