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Ergo Sum google at home.com
Thu Jun 5 06:03:56 EST 2003

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You're very welcome to join in the coding.

We're not many yet, but I think the pursuit is very worthwhile, and it will
pick momentum quite fast.

We have started discussions on the structure of the program, and would be
more than happy to have any ideas be pitched in.

Take a walk by:

And join the fun

Philipp Pagel wrote:

> Charlie <cckim at stanford.edu> wrote:
>> I really like Vector NTI for cloning, but I hate the price.  We have it
>> on a Keyserver here at Stanford, but the nuisances of waiting for checked
>> out keys and not being able to work from computers off campus are ...
>> well ... nuisances.
>> I've been toying with the idea of an open source project to put together
>> some molecular biology software similar to Vector NTI.
> You are quite right: There is NO usable (for wet-lab researcher) free
> equivalent to VectorNTI/Lasergene/... up to now. I have been thinking
> about starting a project a couple of times but never found the time to
> actually do it. The main result of my WEB searching and thinking about
> how I would go about that is this:
> The UNIX/LINUX/GNU/OSS community has plenty of great programs to offer
> to the bioinformaticist. But there is NO sequence editor that deserves
> the name! If I were to start the project I'd begin with the editor
> (which needs to be much better than the one that comes with Lasergene!).
> The next step would be to make it an interface to EMBOSS which would add
> huge amounts of functionality without having to write much code. I guess
> the best would be to have the pull-down menues highly configurable so
> you can add new command line tools without hassle. There are GUI
> projects for EMBOSS but neither of them included a decent editor and
> without one the whole GUI seems pretty useless.
> just my 2 cents...
> cu
> Philipp

Aquila delenda est

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