ClustalW as .dll or .lib?

Ergo Sum google at home.com
Mon Jun 2 04:00:47 EST 2003

daen wrote:

> Hi
> Has anyone found (or built) ClustalW as a .dll or a .lib file?  I have DB
> with a large number of small oligos which I want to test one at a time
> against a sequence.  I'm using BioPython, but it seems a bit wasteful to
> write a Fasta input file, call ClustalW and read the .aln file every time
> ...  I've had a quick look at the C source for 1.83, but I thought it
> might be worth checking here before rolling up the sleeves!
> Target OS is Windows.
> Or ... I'm open to suggestions for a better approach ...!
> Cheers
> Daen de Leon

How about BLASTing it?

The source is available, and EMBOSS incudes a standalone version. BioPERL
includes modules that allow witing fast programs that do the conversion to
FASTA snd the BLAST query. Maybe even to do the clustal alignment, but I'm
not sure. What is it you need, an alignment or a sequence comparison?

Good luck

Aquila delenda est

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