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Ergo Sum google at home.com
Mon Jun 2 03:58:21 EST 2003

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Charlie wrote:

> I really like Vector NTI for cloning, but I hate the price.  We have it on
> a Keyserver here at Stanford, but the nuisances of waiting for checked out
> keys and not being able to work from computers off campus are ... well ...
> nuisances.
> I've been toying with the idea of an open source project to put together
> some molecular biology software similar to Vector NTI.  I am mostly just
> interested in the cloning tools, but I think that it could be made modular
> enough to incorporate some of the other tools as well (alignments,
> bioplot, etc).
> The limiting factor is that I don't want to do this all myself.  I would
> like to do the project in Perl because of the many tools already available
> through Bioperl.
> Anyone have any desire to embark on this journey with me?  Anyone have any
> interest in using such software?
> Charlie

I would be more than happy to give a hand. For the moment my coding skills
in PERL are quite rudimentary, but I like steep learning curves to climb.

For cloning, I think CloneIt from the french INRA could be a good stepping


I'm about to start working on the primer and plasmid database backend for
lab-stuff. So this could also be a start.

I also hate the price of VectorNTI, and have resigned myself to live
without. I am particularly hostile to propietary exclusive use of open
scientific knowledge. So if your in, count me in.

Aquila delenda est

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