Help biologist choose a new programming language

Charlie cckim at stanford.edu
Sun Feb 9 22:46:02 EST 2003

I vote Perl.  To toot my own horn along with Perl's, see some examples of
what you can do at falkow.stanford.edu/whatwedo/software.

Bioperl is ahead of Biojava.  Packaging executables for PCs is simple
using ActiveState's tools.

I think that if I were making the decision, I would mostly be considering
whether time-to-finished-program or cross-platform compatability is more
important.  Perl will be faster to get a working program, but Java
will be better for making Mac software available.  Perl works fine on
Macs, but Tk (for the GUI) is a little trickier to get working.

My 2 cents, with the caveat that I have only limited experience with Java.

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