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Helgi Briem helgi at decode.is
Fri Feb 7 05:19:41 EST 2003

On 6 Feb 2003 13:40:39 -0000, jg.campbell at ntlworld.com
(Jonathan G Campbell) wrote:

>Of course, if _all_ you are doing (and aiming to do) is ripping text
>files apart and putting them together in another way, then the Perl
>suggestion is apt.

Perl can do a *lot* more than that, although it
certainly rips text files apart and puts them together
better and easier than anything else.  Perl/Tk is
a very easy to use (comparatively) GUI builder.

Perl has easy,  ready to use modules for almost
any programming task imaginable, including for
example Bioperl for Bioinformatics tasks, parsers
for XML, HTML and other formats, database drivers
and SQL support for every database manager known 
to man, modules for Web automation, fetching
information over the internet, system administration
in Windows or Unix, etc. etc.  

Have a look at http://search.cpan.org and 
http://www.bioperl.org for a glimpse of the
Regards, Helgi Briem
helgi AT decode DOT is

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