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Netvision aridolan at netvision.net.il
Mon Dec 1 05:12:50 EST 2003

The Interactive Blast Query is a web utility for online manipulation of
Blast results. It uses Ncbi Blast server, and queries the Ncbi Blast
database. The program adds two output formats to those offered by the Ncbi
Blast program, and both of them are interactive.

The two interactive formats are:

Filter/Sort Hit Table
allowing extensive filtering and sorting of the data, meaning that the user
can choose to view only a subset of the full output, according to specified
criteria, sorted to the user's specifications. The data is displayed in
small chunks, and moving between the pages (paging) is supported.

Master/Detail Hit Table
Allowing to view the alignments of each hit in an interactive and
user-friendly master/detail table. Here, too, sorting and paging are

Program Url: http://www.aridolan.com/biq/Query.aspx

The web page is new, so feedback and comments (especially criticizing ones)
will be very welcome.

Ariel Dolan
Ariel Dolan
aridolan at netvision.net.il

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